Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fagottino with Provolone cheese

provolone cheese dolce, fillo pastry, honey, walnuts, leek to tie, butter

Brush the fillo pastry with melted butter. Put a bit of provolone cheese in the middle of each. Make a little bag and close it with leek. Bake at 200 C (390 F) for 4 to 5 minutes until the cheese melts and the little fagottino gets brown. Decorate with honey and walnuts and serve hot or the cheese will become hard and it wont be as soft as it should.

This is good eaten as an appetizer or after an important main course.


Anonymous joey dice...

Oh yum! I love having cheese with honey...and you have put it in a fillo baggy no less :) Looks delicious!

10:56 AM

Anonymous johanna dice...

wow... this looks gorgeous! Ihave to try this soon!

10:58 AM


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