Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pumpkin preserve

The garden is full of yellow pumpkins and soon it will be as well of red ones. Preserving its a useful way to not waste vegetables or fruit and enjoy them during winter time...

Ingredients: 1kg pumpkin flesh, 1 pinch ground cinnamon, half tsp chopped ginger, 1 pinch powdered cloves, 1 pinch grated nutmeg, 6 tbsp lemon juice, 1kg jam sugar

Cut the pumpkin flesh into cubes and pass through a mincer using the finest disk. Stew the minced pumpkin in a pan with a small amount of water if necessary and cook for about 10 minutes. Stir then the cinnamon, ginger, powdered cloves, nutmeg and lemon juice.
Sprinkle in the jam sugar and bring everything to the boil, stirring continuously. Boil for 5 minutes or until it has reached the consistency you like.
Fill the sterilized jars and seal straighaway turning the jars upside down until completely cold.
Store in a dark and cool place and put in the fridge after opening.

this preserve goes well with game dishes.


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