Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cacao and vanilla Cream

There is always a good excuse to drink, better if what you drink tastes of chocolate. This is a cream you can make with a few ingredients and can be drunk soon after. The problem is that it is so good you drink one, then another, then another and forget that this contains alcohol. So better be careful!

Ingredients: 250ml vodka, 500ml water, 500gr sugar, 100gr cocoa powder, 1/2gr vanilla powder

Pour the water in a small saucepan. Sift in the cocoa powder and mix well with a wooden spoon until completely dissolved and without lumps. Stir in the sugar slowly until dissolved. Let it cool. Mix the vodka with the vanilla. When the cream is completely cold, pour in the alcohol and mix well. Pour everything into your favourite glass bottle. This is also good mixed with milk. If you like you could also keep it into the fridge. Shake well before use.


Anonymous clare eats dice...

I am so happy that you have this in English! I am definately going to be making this :)

1:20 AM

Anonymous biscottino dice...

Cavolo!! What could be more divine a concept that this ;-) For sure last wish of any human if faced with the walk to the gallows....SLURP!!

Keep Translating, Its brilliant.

1:20 AM


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