Thursday, June 15, 2006

Butternut squash Ice Cream

I know I have been too lazy these past weeks! Too many recipes behind to be translated but perhaps it's never too late! You can always have a look at my Italian blog for all the recipes. But for now, I am coming back with this beautiful ice cream which I would never imagine to eat one day. Butternut squash is one of my favourite vegetable, and one of my favourite among all squashes. Easy to handle and cut, versatile, you can do so many things with it, great flavour and last but not least the color! It speaks for itself! Very summertime and very unusual, not only for its shape! With this I'd also like to remind you of a Summer Ice Cream Event hosted by Sam. Have a look and be ready to start making your favourite ice cream!

Ingredients: 300gr butternut squash flash, 3 eggs yolk, 75gr sugar, 80ml maple syrup, 300ml double cream, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp powdered vanilla essence

Cut the butternut squash, remove the skin and cook it in a small pan with little water, otherwise steam it until soft. Work it with a fork quickly until smooth and let it cool. In another bowl whisk eggs and sugar with an electric mixer, until creamy and thick. Gradually add maple syrup and finally the butternut squash flash. Transfer the mixture into a bigger bowl. Beat the double cream with nutmeg and vanilla, then fold it into the squash mixture. Pour it into a plum cake stamp and freeze for at least 4 hours. After four hours, remove the stamp from the freezer, break it with a spoon and process the mixture again with a blender or a mixer until smooth. Freeze again until ready to serve.
Alternatively use your own ice cream maker and follow the instructions.


Blogger Jeanne dice...

OK, drooling now. If I had a blender (the joys of living in tiny rented accommodation with most of your worldly possessions in storage in another country!!) I'd rush straight home tonight and make that... Thanks for sharing such a great recipe (and I love the photo!)

6:18 AM

Blogger fiordizucca dice...

hi Jeanne! :) thanks for stopping by. Hope you get a blender really soon, as this is the best season to go for home made ice cream :)

2:34 PM

Blogger jenjen dice...

wow, I have never thought of making butternut pumpkin into an ice cream but it does makes sense. Its flavour does lend to being made into an ice cream. It looks and sounds delicious.

10:58 AM

Anonymous Elizeth dice...

your blog is too fine, Looks nice and very creative. your Photography is also good

10:12 PM


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