Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hope's Nose Sunday Meeting

Rob, my husband, has finally decided that "It's no fair to live at the sea side if you can't go fishing!" It was about time he realised it! We have been living in Devon for 2 years now, but moved in the Torbay area only a month ago. Today we decided to go for a walk, just across the road where we live and here is what we found at Hope's Nose. One of the best place to go fishing in the Torbay area, favoured by many local fishermen. In fact we found many of them, young and older, all happily fishing!
But what we really enjoyed was the unusual encounter with this beautiful seal. She came on the surface all of a sudden, I was so excited I couldn't believe it, I kept pressing on my camera but couldn't really take nicer pictures than these. She was moving too quickly and I was shaking!
A fisherman fed her with a squid to attract her attention, she ate it, then went fishing for something bigger than that! This picture on the left shows Hope's Nose from the top of the hill. The place is also known as the Cardiac Hill as its really easy to go down but very steep to come back! Luckily we are fit enough for that, nevertheless it was quite tiring.
So thinking of having a place like this so close to us, has also made Rob finally realise that this is a beautiful place to live in and he will have to stop nagging about "going back to Milan". It has also made me realize that its about time I learnt to swim. The plan for now is to buy a good rod and that we keep on trying. Well, Rob will, perhaps. I vision myself in a couple of weeks on the small bay, setting up the fire for a nice barbecue, wearing only a shell's skirt while Rob is on the other side fishing patiently. As if we were Adam and Eve. To complete the vision, I can only think of having some good friends around and a few bottles of white wine. Anyone?


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