Monday, August 21, 2006

Recipes in English

For recipes in English, please visit my Italian blog which now features also an english version.

You'll be redirected in 5 seconds...

Thank you!


Anonymous Andreas dice...

Hi Fiordizucca. Why did you leave from Blip? I loved your photos!

3:13 PM

Blogger fiordizucca dice...

Hi andreas, I've moved my photos to :) hope to see you there!

12:44 AM

Blogger Ms_evinrude dice...

hey! does this mean you're not gonna post on this site anymore?

8:39 AM

Blogger Private Chef dice...

I have just stumbled upon your blog. I love the clean design and fantastic photos. I am a blogger myself and always thought that design was key and you have certainly captured that! There are so many food blogs out there these days and being different to all the others is key. I have just started which is a website for chefs, foodies and food bloggers to hand out, share recipes, photos and videos. When i was blogging I always thought i should be getting more traffic as my blog was getting lost in the masses of stuff out there so my new site is aimed at giving food bloggers and chefs a bigger platform! Hope you enjoy it and keep up the good writing and design here! I have now bookmarked you so will be regular reader, Cheers!

4:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous dice...

Hey, you've got a great blog. Check out, a new site that's going to offer tips and tricks on all things culinary as well as videos and interviews of NYC's top chefs!

11:04 AM


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