Monday, March 20, 2006

Pan fried scallops with traditional balsamic vinegar

Scallops aren't certainly the cheapest of the seafood, but they are so gorgeous that you can indulge sometimes. The best way to eat them I think, it's always the simpliest. Lightly coat with flour, lightly fried with butter and guarnished with balsamic vinegar, better if it's The traditional balsamic vinegar.

scallops, flour, butter, aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena, a few leaf of salad or baby spinach

Lightly coat the scallops with flour. Melt a bit of butter into a frying pan. Fry the scallops lightly about 2 minuts each side or until golden, not brown. Arrange them on a plate or in their shells, where you previously put some fresh salad leaves or baby spinach leaves. Guarnish with some drops of balsamic vinegar and serve immediately while still warm.


Anonymous Anonymous dice...

Yummy! These look perfect.

I picked up a hint somewhere along the line... I think it was from a Jamie Oliver cookbook... to lightly dust with Five Spice Powder. The color and the very subtle anise flavor work beautifully with the scallops and it's so incredibly easy.

2:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous dice...

Yet another recipe I'll definitely have to try! The addition of five spice powder sounds delish too!

2:55 AM


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